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A marble businees quarryng and trading since 1922

Our family has been in the marble business quarrying and trading portoro since 1922.
Portoro is a very special marble considered one of the most precious stones with 2 or 3 quarries at work in the world. Our company offers a wide variety of options starting from rough block to slabs available in site and at our yard.
Portoro is characterized by golden veins running through the jet black groun also known as “black sepia”. Appeal to the human eye may vary according to the degree of polishing as well as to craftsmanship on the building site. Needless to say, Portoro is such a high quality material that perfectly fits

high quality construction finishing; you can see historic buildings in Italy finished with portoro. The extraction of this beautiful stone, originally found in the islands of Tino and Palmaria off the coeast of La Spezia, is limited due to environmental factors and natural causes.The Portoro quarries still functioning are 2 or 3 making the material extracted even more precious and unique than in the past. We can certainly say it is a symbol of luxury and refinement.
Our over 60 year experience in the specific treatment of Portoro makes us the experts in the market whatever your requirements and necessities might be.

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